We are recruiting Player and Team Analysts and an Assistant Coach.

Are you looking for a different Career in the Football industry?


We are looking for current year 11 students to join us in different capacities not just playing football.

We are looking for 2 Students to become our Performance Analysts.

The role consists of:

  • Recording our training sessions and games.
  • Using GPS Tracker with PlayerTek technology to show us where the players have travelled and where on the pitch they spent the most time. We can also see how much distance each player has covered, at what speed, with how much energy output and many more key performance indicators.
  • Interacting with players and coaches to see how they as individuals and as a team can improve.
  • Relaying that information back to the players discovering their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Wherever possible scout our opposition using recent game video footage.


This role is ideal for anyone who thinks that the role of of a Sports Scientist might be for them.


Assistant Coach

The role consists of:

  • Assisting Head coach with preparing training sessions and on game day.
  • Evaluating performance and providing suitable feedback, balancing criticism with positivity and motivation.
  • Learning how to adapt to the needs and interests of the group or individual participants.
  • Encouraging players to gain and develop skills, techniques and knowledge.
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of fitness, injury, sports psychology, nutrition and sports science.
  • Acting as a role model, gaining the respect and trust of the people you coach.

You will need a strong desire to help others succeed.

You will do this alongside your BTEC Level 3 Qualification in Sport.

You will also have the opportunity to take your Level 1 and 2 Coach in Football Award.